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How it Works

Our simple 4 step process will boost your dating life to the next level!

1) Discuss Your Goals

We have a short conversation to get to know you and your dating goals. Then we develop a custom plan of action.

2) Start Campaign

We start our messaging campaign based on your search criteria, and captivate women with our witty conversations.

3) You Go on Dates

We find women interested in meeting you, get their commitment to meet in person, and then send you their phone number so you can set up a date.

4) Analyze & Improve

We discuss the results, potential areas to improve, how your dates are going, and anything else that can improve results.

Proven Results

While you live your life, your dating assistant is hard at work making sure your profile is contacting as many women that meet your criteria as possible. We also assist our clients with the following:

  • Photo & Profile Analysis
  • Professional Photos
  • Style/Fashion Advice
  • Ongoing Email Advice on Dating
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I love checking my inbox for new women that want to meet me! I get to meet cool, attractive women every month!

- ArjunNew York, NY

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Many of our clients have created relationships with amazing women they met through our service. Meeting your ideal partner has never been easier! You can think of us as your digital wingman.

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The same reason you hire any professional.. you want results! A Pro Dating Assistant will save you time and tons of frustration. We send proven messages, maintain engaging conversations, and set up dates with your ideal type of women. You get to meet new women every month and enjoy the process.
Men hire us because they don't have the time, expertise, or interest in doing it themselves. Assistants have been doing repetitive tasks for busy people since the beginning of time. In the modern digital world, many time consuming and difficult tasks are outsourced. It's convenient, and many times the assistants perform the actual tasks better than we can do on our own.
There's nothing misleading about it. We send messages to see which women are interested enough to respond. From there we engage in a light, flirty, and fun conversation for a few messages, then when mutual interest is established, we set up dates. We do not engage in long, in-depth, conversations revealing personal details. The �getting-to-know-you� part still happens in person.
If you live in the NYC area, we offer a 3 hour professional outdoor photo shoot. Use the contact form below to inquire and discuss the details. If you live outside of the NYC area, we may be able to refer you to a quality photographer, inquire to find out.

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